Diamond Exposed for Cheating on Zuchu

Zuchu with Diamond
Zuchu with Diamond

Diamond Already Cheating on Zuchu.

Tanzanian superstar Diamond has been exposed for cheating on his current girlfriend Zuchu. The information has been relayed by US based Tanzanian blogger Mange Kimambi who assures she has receipts of Diamond getting cozy with the other woman behind Zuchu’s back.

Mange's Insta
Mange’s Insta Expose’

Diamond and Zuchu have not publicly confirmed their relationship as the suspense has been good for clout on their new album. However it is no secret that the two have been dating for a while now. During a recent unveiling of Diamond as an ambassador he used clickbait to announce his new wife which turned out to be a scam.

Reaction on Social Media
Reaction on Social Media

According to Mange, Diamond is already having an affair. It is no secret that diamond is a player and apparently cannot let any sexy woman past him.


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