Househelp Chokes on Sweet Potatoes and Dies out of Fear of Employers

Househelp Chokes on Sweet Potatoes and Dies.

A house help in Kamulu area, Nairobi has died after choking on sweet potatoes. The body of the deceased was retrieved from the sofa of her employer’s house a few hours after they had breakfast.

It is alleged that the late Lilian Muthoni was afraid of admitting to her employers that she was the one who had eaten the sweet potatoes, after being asked which led to the potato in her throat to chock her to death.

According to the police, Lilian, 50 years of age with three kids was found holding a cup of tea lifeless with pieces of sweet potatoes in her mouth. It was also discovered that her body had been lifeless for hours.

Her body was transferred to the mortuary pending further investigation.

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