Ferdinand Omanyala breaks another national record

It is great joy for Kenya as our own Ferdinand Omanyala keeps shining for the country and puts out the flag for the world to see.Ferdinand has done it again as he has broken another national record not long after breaking the first record in Tokyo, by running under 10 seconds on Joskolof meeting in Austria yesterday evening clocking 9:96 seconds , making him the first Kenyan to run under 10 seconds.

We all know that the world record is being held by Usain bolt who ran at a speed of 9:58 in 2009 and at world marathon at a speed of 9:68 seconds , no other athlete has yet to break his record but as things are going it is clear that Kenya is headed in the right direction.

Recently Ferdinand had participated at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and he reached the semi- finals where he was position 3 running at a speed of 10 seconds for the 100 metres but did not qualify for the finals. He still made Kenya proud for running that fast
as it earned so much reaction on social media where many praised him for putting Kenya on the map and making Kenya proud .

All this is happened even after one Kenyan sprinter Mark Otieno was disqualified from Tokyo’s Olympics. Mark was accused of doping after failing the doping test which is done to every athlete before participating at the Olympics. Even though he argued that it was not the case ,the officials still disqualified him and he was not allowed to participate with his counterpart Omanyala. The two athletes were meant to compete together at the 100 metres Tokyo Olympic game.

All we can do now is wish Omanyala all the best and hope that he will keep breaking records and make Kenya proud, and finally bring that 100 metre gold home.

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