Otile Brown escapes death in his BMW by a whisker

Just in Love musician Otile Brown had luck on his side recently when he encountered a life threatening accident. Otile Brown was driving along Mombasa road when a metal from the Express Way construction site hit his BMW causing damage.

Mombasa road has been under construction for months now to pave way for the Nairobi Express Way. The construction of the road has come with its effects aside from causing major traffic along the highways, which has sometimes led to people sleeping on the road.

There have been several complaints on the construction project with people demanding that the road be constructed during the night, after the start of curfew hours to avoid unnecessary traffic.

Otile took a video of the incident and uploaded on his socials to let his fans know what had just happened to him. He captioned the video saying;

“Ila hii ujenzi wa Mombasa road, Day ruined, just got here… Y’all have to be careful, imagine if that was someone’s head.” He was lucky the metal did not hit him.

By the grace of God Otile Brown got out safe and sound. If you are driving along the busy Mombasa road that is currently under heavy construction, take care.

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