Amber Ray hints at new man

Socialite Amber Ray has given a hint at who will be the next man in her life.

The socialite has been in several dramatic public relationships that have at some point left her heartbroken.

She was recently in a relationship with business man Jimal Rohosafi who already had a wife and kids.

The events of Amber’s relationship with Jimal were messy to the point the two had to go their separate ways.

Recently Jimal confirmed that he is back with his wife Amira after a post on social media where Amira was thanking him for an Apple Iphone 13 Pro Max 128GB phone gift worth Ksh 180,000.

Amber Ray uploaded a post to her stories saying;

“248 will be my forever man, and I don’t care how much time it will take, this time I will do it right. “

The next person she will follow will be Mr. Right.


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