Dr. Ofweneke is engaged, Finally!

Dr Ofweneke is engaged and set to wed his lady love, long time girlfriend and baby mama, Christine Tenderess. Ofweneke got down on one knee and popped the question, she was blown away, Showing off how romantic he is. Ofweneke decided to treat her to a birthday dinner that turned into an engagement party for the love of his life.The couple put a happy image with the photos they share on social media and he even recently celebrated her birthday and thanked God for blessing him with her love.
This is awesome news for the comedian, radio presenter and event MC who previously was married in a common-law union with gospel singer Nicah The Queen. That relationship blossomed and they were blessed with a child of their own even though she had children from a previous relationship by the time they met.That relationship ended in a dramatic fashion when Ofweneke was accused of cheating on his then-wife and Nicah was accused of cheating on him with other men.

Since then, the two have resolved their issues with Nicah admitting that he continues to remain a father figure not only for his own child but her children as well. That is actually a great testament to the type of man he is.As for Ofweneke, he has focused on his career and continued to rise up steadily, thanks in part to the fact that he sought the help of industry heavyweights such as Jalang’o to mentor him. This has seen his demand and stock rise up and he often credits it to his association with Jalang’o.Christine Tenderess runs a business, a digital boutique store for female clothing as well as a new extension of the same that exclusively deals in baby clothing and attire. Through these digital outlets, she sells female clothes and accessories including handbags, shoes and belts.She and her fiance are blessed with a healthy, bouncing baby girl who is growing up really fast Christine Tenderess is a woman who is all about family.

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