Larry Madowo
Larry Madowo

Larry Madowo reveals shocking moment of his career

Larry Madowo reveals the most shocking moment of his career.

CNN News anchor Larry Madowo was surprised and perplexed to learn that former British prime minister Gordon Brown knew him. The CNN International correspondent had an interview with the former prime minister, during introductions as he was saying his name to him, he admitted to knowing Larry, Larry then guessed that Brown must have watched some of his previous coverages on vaccine inequality.

They say work until you no longer have to introduce yourself, this seems to have worked for Larry Madowo. It was a humbling experience for the Kenyan-born journalist to have been recognized by such a big figure in the world, Madowo started off the interview by saying “Sir, this is Larry Madowo in Atlanta.” “I know you, Larry,” the prime minister replied. Taking to his social media platform, the CNN journalist explained that it was to his surprise that Gordon Brown knew him before.

This is what he wrote: “I tried to introduce myself to former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown. Turns out he’s watched some of my coverage on vaccine inequality and knew who I am.”

Larry Madowo was promoted to International Correspondent a few weeks ago to be CNN’s Nairobi-based correspondent then later to the network’s international correspondent. The grand promotion came barely two months after joining CNN. Madowo took to his social media platforms to update his new job status.

Before joining CNN, he served as BBC’s North America Correspondent in Washington. Where he covered some of the biggest world stories on the big screen as he travelled all around the world, earlier he used to work at NTV media station but later he left his job to pursue higher dreams, his fans went to the comment section and congratulated him for his success, and for him to keep shining as he was doing a great job


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