Frankie Justgymit on the Receiving End after Dissing Baby Mamas

Corazon Kwamboka and Maureen Waititu clap back at Frankie.

Fitness trainer Frankie has landed on the bad side of his baby mamas after he engaged in a revealing interview recently. In the interview Frankie is heard saying that his previous two relationships failed due to issues faced by his baby mamas.

Frankie went ahead and revealed that both his baby mamas did not have their fathers present in their lives which contributed to the issues that arose while they were dating.

Frankie did not spare intimate details regarding his failed relationship with Corazon saying he had a conversation with Corazon about the absence of her father in her life.

The interview however did not age well as both Corazon and Maureen responded to the revelations with anger and accused Frankie of gaslighting the whole situation.

Corazon responded with a series of paragraphs and videos that could not hide her anger towards the raw interview Frankie did.

Funny enough the person talking about all that shit is actually talking about themselves. Funny how people can be so delusional.

Corazon's Insta story
Corazon’s Insta story

Corazon's Insta story

Corazon and Frankie have two kids together and are currently co-parenting.

Corazon's Insta stories

Maureen Waititu was not left behind aa she seemingly replied with a short statement saying: Weeeuuh! What happens to a Kenyan between birth and death.

Maureen's Instagram feed


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