Jimal Rohosafi and Amber Ray spotted in Diani

Just the other day Jimal Rohosafi posted on his Instagram stories a message implying he was missing a girl. This led to social media speculations that the message was dedicated to his ex Amber.

During the speculations Amber had been posting normally on her insta stories and among the stories was her at the airport headed to an unknown destination.

As of the time Jimal posted the message, social media fans thought he was no longer in a relationship with Amber. Well well, apparently it was a mind game. Jimal and Amber never broke up.

Not a day has passed after the message and the cat has been let out of the bag. Jimal and Amber were spotted at the coast of kenya.

The fans guesses were not far fetched as Jimal being with Amber in the coast confirmed their thoughts that Jimal was indeed speaking about Amber Ray. The relationship between Jimal and Amber ray has been bitter sweet with a lot of drama.

It has also been the centre of controversy due to the negative ripple effect of them being together. Their relationship has been one to note as it has led to Jimal not being on good terms with his wife, who is also the mother of his children. The relationship has made Jimal to abandon his two kids with Amira as he does not see them as often as he used to. Their relationship has raised questions on what society’s views are on a man marrying a second wife. And most importantatly it has brought to attention the unfair treatment women face from the mistakes made by men.

The controversy on who should be held accountable has been a full discussion on social media and has highlighted the stigma that falls upon women when in the actual sence it is the man who should be held blamed.

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