King Kaka thanks his wife Nana for unwavering support

King Kaka has for a while been suffering from an unknown illness.

He came out to the public few weeks ago and admmited to have an ailment that even the Doctors could not find out.

The sickness weigh in on King Kaka’s body which saw him lose a lot of weight and was eventually admitted to a hospital.

King Kaka has been sharing his journey to recovery on social media and decided to thank his wife Nana for sticking around and supporting him through his rough experience.

“Let me count my blessings. The last three months have been nothing but terrifying. This lady here @nanaowiti has shown and proven what a wife and best friend is.

From kulala kwa couch ya hospitali next to my bed, then you wake up shower in the same hospital, go and smile kwa TV like everything is okay to fighting with nurses on why they are slow…

To praying and encouraging me to eat mkisaidiana na moms, to sponge bathing me when the temperatures were too high.

I am currently walking on that road to recovery but I pray that God guides you and grants you all your hearts’ wishes and desires.

Just learnt the new meaning of the word partner in a relationship. Be blessed and Asante Nana.”

We wish him a quick recovery.


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