Mulamwah breaks down challenges of his bodaboda business

New dad Mulamwah has been in the bodaboda business for some time.

In a QnA session on his Insragram, the comedian answered fans questions including some of the challenges he faced when he started his bodaboda business.

The entrepreneur said the first difficulty he experienced was raising capital. Bodabodas can be costly especially when purchasing several bodas to start a business.

Mulamwah also added that good riders are not easy to come by. Inexperienced riders are a risk as they get into collisions which require additional money to replace spare parts.

He also said one cannot have a small number of bodabodas due to the cost of maintenance. They need to be many in order to substitute each other’s expenses.

A small number of bodabodas consume all the profit in maintenance. A good high number is more profitable.


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