My wife can have another man: Sauti Sol’s Bien

Sauti Sol’s Bien Aime has revealed that he is down with allowing his wife, Chiki Kuruka to have a crush and potentially even a lover in their marriage in the near future .

The lead singer of Sauti sol revealed this while he was on a podcast with some of the cast members of “Over 25”. While chatting with them, he said a couple of interesting things that have made him the talk of the town.

“You know, speaking for myself, after me I am married to Chiki for 40 or 30 years, aki expecting ati this chile I am the only dude this chile is gonna be with yaani like if somebody tells me ati oh if she goes and she meets the love of her life-the crush of her life, manze jibambe babe.”he said,sounds crazy but that came from his mouth.

Bien is currently in a long term relationship with the amazing, talented and beautiful Chiki Kuruka as they are both married ,so he is actually speaking about his real life relationship situation ,and that statement is one not agreed by many in Kenya! We all know that this is not how most men think about the dynamic of a relationship ,I mean who would want to share their wife? That is why this statement has caused quiet a stir online as people want to agree or disagree with his statement and are not making the situation easy for him .

It is almost unthinkable that anyone would think the way Bien does and the fact that he does is an act of revolution. And that is something that formed the topic of conversation between Kamene Goro and Jalas on their breakfast show.

Kamene Goro was celebrating the statement while Jalas was having none of it .I mean, who would think it’s right? An African man who is not down with this concept Bien is championing is shocking right? And that is why the concept of free love is a revolutionary one.

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