Anita Nderu marries in secret traditional ceremony

Former TV girl Anita Nderu is off the market. Anita Nderu got married in a secret traditional Kikuyu ceremony(Ruracio) attended by close family and friends. The news of her wedding has shocked many who thought she was in the LGBTQ community.

In a video that has surfaced, Anita is seen holding hands with her Mzungu bae as they walk into a ceremonious room filled with music and dance.

Anita was the center of controversy months ago when she uploaded a video of her cooking show, where she featured two members of the LGBTQ community. In the video they were talking and acting explicitly.

The video clip went viral with many people expressing their disgust over their behavior and slutty utterances. There was negative publicity around the video which raised heated discussions.

Anita at the time had partnered with Golden fry oil company which after the video, released a statement distancing themselves from the controversy. It was an issue that remained trending on Kenyan social media platforms for days.

No one thought the news on Anita Nderu getting married, months after the controversy would grace their notifications, which has begged a lot of questions. Was Anita Nderu in a relationship with her now husband at the time of the controversy? And was Anita associating herself with the members of the LGBTQ community just for clout?

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