Brown Mauzo gets a tattoo of Vera Sidika

The internet will always serve us surprise after surprise but we are here for it as we sit and watch, moving on with our lives.Yesterday was one of those days where we were all surprised when we saw what Brown mauzo did.

Brown Mauzo and Vera Sidika revealed they were dating and had gotten married, a while back. Not long after their wedding, Vera revealed she was expecting a child with Brown. Vera had for a long time wanted to be a mother and both of them were happy that the moment was finally here. From what they have been showing on social media they seem to be in love. Brown however, took his feelings to another level by what he did recently.

He posted a picture on his instagram where in the black and white photo , he has a tattoo on both of his hands. Every side he has written the initials of Vera Sidika. ” Vera” on the muscle of the right hand and “Sidika” on the left muscle of the left hand.

We all know tattoos are permanent and once you decide to get one , it is a decision one has thought through. In the post uploaded on his instagram, Brown Mauzo wrote, “For the love of my wife. My one and only.”

People on the comment section had different reactions about the tattoo with many saying it was a bad decision to get a tattoo of the socialite’s name. Some were saying if ‘wataachana, ‘ he will have difficulty removing it.

One user boldly suggested that he will change it to “alovera sindikaa.” Well, it seems that the musician from county 001 is hopelessly in love and would do anything to make his lovely wife happy. Vera Sidika had replied to the post a happy woman not believing it saying, ” Awww my baby!!! You went through all this pain for me …….love you.”

All in all we would like to wish the couple all the best in their marriage as they are expecting their first child together, a baby girl. The socialite is due in a few weeks to come.

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