Mike Sonko offers Alfred Mutua’s ex-wife Lilian Ng’ang’a advice

The break-up between Alfred Mutua and Lilian Ng’ang’a has taken social media by storm. No one had expected to get notified of the news as they have been a political power couple, but here we are. The two have in the past been involved in several projects together which has seen tremendous growth in their county.

Like all of us, Mike Sonko, also a politician from Machakos County , received the news of the break-up on social media. From his message he does not support the break-up. He advised the former first Lady Lilian in a statement saying ;

“You are a strong woman and continue being strong especially during this difficult time when you are undergoing challenges. We say behind every successful man there’s a woman. You have been with Dr. Alfred Mutua since 2011 when I was elected MP 15 years ago, meaning you met this guy before he became Governor. My humble appeal to both of you please, forgive each other and forget about what transpired in your lives as a family and just agree the devil is a liar and he has no place in your lives. This is all about the two of you as a family, so let people talk during the day but they will all go to bed at night and life will go on. I plead with both of you, sameaneni because hii ni mambo ya kidunia. Come on Lilian, think about it!! Naku Mutua ekana na maindu mainge eka na muka waku asyoke musi. “

Sonko also urged bloggers to keep off saying ;

“My fellow bloggers, can you keep off Governor Alfred Mutua’s private life. Kukula na kukuliwa is normal and part of life. Hata nyinyi mabibi zenu wanakulwa tu vile munakulana nje but hawawezi kubali mujue vile tu nyinyi hamukubali wao wajue mukikulana nje”

What do you think about the whole situation?

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