Kim Kardashian and Kate Middleton
Kim Kardashian and Kate Middleton

How Kim Kardashian felt being compared to Kate Middleton

How Kim Kardashian felt being compared to Kate Middleton.

Kim Kardashian rose to fame through her reality show “Keeping up with the kardashians.” She has been on the spotlight ever since as one of the most renowned socialite turned business woman. Her business ventures have seen her become one of the richest celebrities, attaining billionaire status.

Fame and money however comes at a price. The attention strips one of their privacy and may attack one’s self esteem leading to moments of highs and lows. Kim is one who has gone through her share of problems being a public figure and she has been open throughout the years of being the focus of internet abuse and critism.

The owner of Skims wear has in the past called out online bullies and spoken about its effects. Kim, now a mother of four , has had to deal with people wanting her to portray herself a specific way.

During her first pregnancy in 2013, she was diagnosed with preeclampsia, a hypertension disease which caused her to “swell a lot” .Kim recalled in March via instagram stories how she used to sit at home and cry all the time because people used to compare her with what “a healthy pregnant woman should look like, ” and call her nasty names all the time.

On August 11, in a podcast with Kristen bell and Monica padman, ‘ we are supported by, ‘ Kim said why she felt offended when people compared her to the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, as she recalled one headline being written “Kate the waif and Kim the whale”.”The media really hammered me and there were even magazine covers of me and shamu who looked better”.

Kim kardashian and Kate Middleton were expecting babies around the same time. Kim’s due date was in June 14 while Kate’s was on July 22 . Despite the joy of being a mother, Kim said she hated the way she looked due to people’s criticism.


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