Cebbie Koks Talks About The Alleged Feud Between Her And Sister Akothee

Cebbie Koks Talks About The Alleged Feud Between Her And Sister Akothee.


Entrepreneur Cebbie Koks Nyasego recently delved into rarely discussed aspects of her personal life, shedding light on her marriage, family dynamics, and the challenges of being in the public eye as a notable figure.


During an appearance on Lynn Ngugi’s show, Cebbie took the opportunity to provide clarity on various matters that had been subjects of speculation for both months and years, addressing the rumors and uncertainties surrounding her life.


In the recent weeks, whispers circulated about the state of her marriage, sparked by her decision to omit her husband’s name from her social media posts.


Cebbie has taken it upon herself to dispel any misconceptions and set the record straight.



“About 2022 I got married and that is what makes me a married woman. A wedding I really cherish and I was up for it and even in another life I would still want to have a wedding like that – fame regardless,” She shared.


Do you think you married your friend?


She answered; “I would not say that because it’s an early marriage and to be honest people who can speak with a lot of certainty are people who are in three to five years.


He is a good man and would love to see him grow, successful in his life, and basically reach his ambitions,”.



In the course of the interview, Cebbie also shared her personal struggles, recounting the challenges she has faced dealing with online harassers and social media bullies.


”In 2017, the bullying was crazy and it took a toll on me because I used to read every comment and think I’m okay with it and some to date I still remember and when it flashed in my brain my body shrinks,” she said.


“Social media can be very toxic and you need to protect yourself,”.


Cebbie took a moment to address the rumored tension with her sister, Akothee, shedding light on the dynamics of their relationship and expressing her sentiments regarding the public discourse surrounding their alleged fallout.


“That is my blood sister, she took me through school and she is like my best friend, and the gap between me and her is so huge that you can never compare… she is like my mother and there is no day I can sit down and think I want what she has.



“I’m who I’m because of her and therefore people’s feelings could be my feelings but it doesn’t define what is between us.


I respect her, she has done well for herself … literally when the society expected her to go down. Even if I was not the sister I would still admire her from afar and say I like that woman. Now that I’m privileged to be the sister why would i be jealous? She has achieved things I have not achieved. She is an inspiration, a loving sister and to date her number is still saved on my phone as a darling sister,” she revealed.


Simultaneously, Cebbie Koks conveyed her enduring optimism, expressing a belief that there will come a day when their family will once again find happiness together.


“I will never have an exchange with her… I still pray to God that one day one time we will be a happy family. I still love her and I don’t think I have bad blood towards her in public and private,” she added.


“I respect her, I love her, she is my sister and she is someone I look up to. I have never seen a woman strong who fights for her dear life. You people don’t know her, I know her,”.


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