Chipukeezy speaks on his battle with depression

Chipukeezy is a renowned Kenyan comedian who rose to fame while at the ‘Churchill Show.’ He has been missing in action for a while now but has come out and spoken for the first time. In an interview held at a charity event the comedian attended, Chipukeezy speaks on his struggles with depression.

He talks on mental health and how sometimes people think ‘shit can’t get to someone.’ He said ;… sometimes binadamu tunapendaga kupretend ‘shit can’t get to you…”

He added that People usually think the stress that can keep someone from being their best self comes from life, money or ‘madem, ‘ but the reality is even when someone is trying to actualize a dream the stress can be overwhelming.

He also talked about the time he could not eat because of depression, which made him lose weight to a point his family thought he had HIV. But all is well now. He has decided to come out and speak about his experience with mental health so as to help other people going through it.

All in all we wish Chipukeezy the best in his journey of achieving good mental health.

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