Comedian Eddie Butita Accepts Miss Mandi’s Apology

Eddie Butita Accepts Miss Mandi’s Apology.

Miss Mandi's Apology

Miss Mandi’s Apology

Comedian Eddie Butita has come out and spoken on the Miss Mandi saga. Butita is among the celebrities who has in the past had a bad experiece with Miss Mandi, who is a former radio presenter.

Eddie Butita

Eddie Butita

The harsh encounter took place in 2013 when Butita submitted a comic clip for an interview to be on Miss Mandi’s radio show.

The video was not well received by Miss Mandi who was prompted to give Butita the most demeaning feedback. She clearly was not letting Butita on her show.

Miss Mandi sent Butita an email telling him how his jokes did not make her laugh. She further went on to make it clear that as much as she saw the audience laugh, she didn’t laugh. She continued and said that she always sources for funny clips.

Hey, So I checked out the clip and as much as I saw the audience laugh, I didn’t laugh. Secondly, we are not looking to hire a comedian because we are not trying to fit in with what radio stations do here.

Thirdly, the last comedian who I had live did not make me laugh and I am beyond skeptical of bringing on a comedian to my show. I always source for clips…

Butita's email reply.

Butita’s email reply.

When the Comedian was asked to comment on the email, he said it was very demoralizing.

I felt very bad, I felt inadequate, I felt like it was not about what I had presented but what I was at the moment. I felt like being failed by a gate keeper.

Butita has however, decided to put everything in the past and forgive Miss Mandi for her harsh reply that discredited his work. He took to his Instagram stories to show his acceptance of Miss Mandi’s apology.

Butita's Insta Stories

Butita’s Insta Stories 

In an interview with a local media, the Comedian said he has forgiven the former radio presenter, and even went ahead to offer her a job on his show.

I wish you all the best and I believe in your work and currently we have SPM Buzz and we have segments there and we are willing to work with you.

You can bring your cooking show because we believe in your work. We value what the audience say and we can put that show there and grow together.




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