Could Alfred Mutua’s relationship with Lilian Ng’ang’a still be alive??

Today is Alfred Mutua’s most anticipated birthday, August 22nd. The 51year old Governor has celebrated his birthday in style with attendance of big names in the scene. The birthday has also been attended by Alfred Mutua’s ex-wife Lilian Ng’a ng’a who recently announced their separation.

Allegedly it is not the first time the two (Alfred and Lilian) have been spotted out together since their public separation. The two were spotted having a meal by a fellow customer recently who has taken to social media. Alfred Mutua being spotted with Lilian during their separation begs the question, are they really done?

As the internet knows the two are currently living in separate houses. But no one knows if the two might be having talks of reconciliation.

There has been a lot said on the outcome of exes meeting, after a ‘supposed’ break-up. Some people have said that the two could still be seeing each other which may make it difficult for both of them to move on. Some have said maybe Alfred and Lilian are not really done yet.

What do you think about exes who continue to meet after a break-up? Are they really over?

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