Former gospel artist Willy Paul accused of rape

Female musician Miss P has come out with serious allegations about her former boss Willy Paul. Miss P has accussed Willy Paul of assault, not once but several times. In an interview the young musician said that it reached a point where she had to go to her mum and tell her what had been happening to her.

Miss P is the first artist to be signed under Willy Paul’s record label and together they have three songs. The young musician, who is also a student at the university of Nairobi revealed that Willy Paul used to touch her inappropriately and force himself on her.

She added that her boss, Willy Paul became possessive and did not want any guys to be talking to her, even restricting her from giving out her number to other guys. It reached a point where Willy Paul even went to her home and asked to talk to her mother. After their conversation her mother’s attitude toward the musician changed which sparked mixed thoughts in her.

Time went by and Willy Paul started telling her that he loved her. She also confessed to having developed feeling for him but thought it was not the right thing to to as he was her boss.

She was later forced to leave his record label after some thinking as she could not bear what was happening to her. She said she was constantly being haunted by her experience at the label which made her seek peace by making the hard decision of quitting the label.

Young artists have in the past expressed the difficulties they face when starting out their careers in the hands of the people who are supposed to help them. No one knows for sure if the two are chasing clout for the release of a new song or whether the serious allegations are true.

We hope it’s not true. Anyway, let’s wait and see.

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