Ezekiel Mutua calls out singer Ssaru again

Ezekiel Mutua calls out singer Ssaru again.

Ezekiel Mutua has called out Kenyan musician Ssaru again about her popular song ‘kaskie vibaya’ featuring Fathermoh.https://sirikali.com/ezekiel-mutua-criticizes-singer-ssarus-lyrics-on-her-latest-hit-song/

In a long post on social media, MCSK boss, criticized the song saying it promotes promiscuity and Indecency in the society.

He went further to accuse Ssaru of ignoring advice from elders and dismissing people who want to help her by telling them, “Kaskie vibaya huko Kwenu’.

According to the Ezekiel mutua, the song’s lyrics promote vulgarity and foolishness in the name of entertainment which will make it hard for established brands to work with Ssaru.


He went ahead to accuse Ssaru of letting social media fame get into her head which in the end won’t benefit her in any way.

” Strangers hype your insults and arrogance on social media and you feel like you are on the top of the world. Your dirty song is played on radios and in night clubs yet those stations pay you nothing. Big brands don’t associate themselves with vulgarity so you are cutting yourself off from big money while pleasing strangers on social media.” he wrote.

He advised Ssaru to avoid making dirty music as it only sells to bad people and does not reasonate with decent people who care about their families and children.

” Many parents wouldn’t want their children to listen to your crap about promiscuity and incest. Ati Niko na pesa na no za babako. really?” he added.


The MCSK boss said although art is a reflection of the society, music should not be used to glorify the evils in the society but instead, it should promote culture and positive social values.

Days ago, Ezekiel Mutua Criticized the song saying it is promoting and glorifying immorality in the community.

“People are going through a lot. Have you heard the song about the lady singing ‘Niko na pesa na ni ya babako’? What are you telling my daughter?” he said.

In response during a recent interview, Ssaru made it known she will not be changing her style of music to please just one person.

“I cannot stop creating songs just because one person didn’t like the lyrics or the song. He should, in fact, check out my YouTube channel,” she said.

According to SSaru, the MCSK boss should not criticize just one of her songs but should show support by streaming her YouTube channel for more music.


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