Edgar Obare speaks after closure of his Insta account

Edgar obare’s fans have been going berserk with frustration on social media hoping and praying for his safety as they await his return on Instagram. His instagram account was closed following his expose on the wash wash cartel.
The only update he has provided has been several posts on his other backup Instagram account ‘BNN’ ,assuring Kenyans that he’s working to set up his deactivated account, with background music from Kanye West’s hit song ‘Jail.’ “…Guess who’s going to jail tonight?” with a laughing emoji.

Edgar Obare has been the number one person trending on Twitter for the past few days. However, even through all of the frustration on social media owing to the recent reveals he made, fans have been keen to come to his support, congratulating and thanking him for his service in spite of the danger he encounters in his line of work.

Edgar shot to fame a few years ago when he did an expose of Natalie Tewa and her Ugandan boyfriend. Since then his kind of gossip which came forth as revolutionary and scandalous, the tea that Kenyans drink whenever they want with pleasure.

This time, even though haters believe that he has poked at some rather too powerful people, his fans remain faithful to his cause because he opened Kenyans eyes to intense illegal activity.People have gone as far as posting threads on Twitter talking about how the Wash Wash activity affects the country, from economist’s perspectives and others finally coming to terms with their gradual growth and not comparing themselves to people who drive luxury cars.

Some of Edgar’s fans say they will take to the streets if any harm befalls him or his loved ones. The saga is far from over, but it’s more than obvious that Edgar is also far from done.

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