He is a king: Maureen Waititu showers praises on new baé

Influencer Maureen Waititu is in a new relationship and she wants the world to know she is loved up as she opened up for the first time.

She shared photos of her world with her new man as they toured the world, that saw them go to Bogota Colombia but nothing else has really been detailed about her Mr. right.

Maureen detailed her experience with her guy while she was being interviewed on Terry Anne Chebet’s show. When talking about her man, she refused to say all things by saying his name but she couldn’t stop gushing everytime about how happy he makes her .

“Well, I … Shoosh… Terry… Terryanne, I am loved, I am appreciated, when I say he is a king, he is a real king. This man is everything I prayed for.

I had a list and it all went tick, tick tick. Out of nowhere… I mean, I don’t wanna say where because it has been a private affair, and it is a very mature and very solid relationship.

I kept saying I have struggled with things like mentalhealth, anxiety and I have struggled with a lot. So when he asked me to be his girlfriend, I asked him like yo! , do you really want to get into this mess? Have you seen what is going on in social media? Do you realize I am a mother of two? And he was like “oh yeah, I want all that”.

He didn’t try to fix me or anything but he nudges me to be better and I still go for therapy and he supports me. Like he will ask about the exercises the doctor has given me and how he can help me with them.

He is my greatest fan and everyday he has been consistent until I tried pushing him away because my confidence had been broken but he is still here.”She said.

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