Wengine wakivuta bangi wewe unavuta vifagio: TikToker Tileh Pacbro gets backlash

Fans of Kenyan TikToker Tileh Pacbro are not happy with him at all. Tileh had a QnA session earlier on his Insta stories where he let fans ask him anything.To the surprise of many, the dancer had really harsh replies to the innocent questions, which made a lot of fans angry.

The session started well with the simple question, “Are you Rich?” He replied with “That’s what I’m trynna be.” The mood then shifted when someone asked him when he was coming to Kenya with his newborn. This time he showed an image of his residential permit in Spain, written in Spanish and underlined the word ‘Residente.’

The next shocker was when someone asked him why he was not replying to fans DMs. He then replied with, “Go talk to your friends, strangers have other things to do.”

The harsh replies did not stop there. Another fan asked for tips on how to start a YouTube channel. He just answered with, “Yes…start.”

One fan who mistook Tileh for being in France instead of Spain did not see the response they got coming. The dancer went rough with the answer and replied, “Kwani Wengine wakivuta bangi wewe unavuta vifagio.”

The replies prompted fans to start telling the dancer to be humble on his achievements as tables do turn.

After the backlash on the QnA session, the TikToker tried to justify his responses by saying that he had been raised in a situation where he had to be tough no matter what.

Tileh grew up in an orphanage and one thing he says you get from there is the instinct of “survival for the fittest.”He also added that the environment hardens someone emotionally to a point where insults become nothing.

Tileh said that his hard headedness and arrogance is what has kept him alive.

Do you think Tileh’s past life justifies his arrogance?

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