Bishop David Muriithi wanted to introduce me to Freemason cult: Baby Mama Judy Mutave

Bishop David Muriithi’s baby mama has come out and revealed tea on what transpired during their almost 5 year secret affair. In an interview with Radio Jambo’s Masawe Jepanni, Judy Masave spilled beans on how Bishop David wanted to initiate her into the Freemason cult.

She began by saying it was sad how Pastor Muriithi was at some point denying to have a DNA done with their child, as she was made out of love.She added that they started planning for the baby in 2018 although they had already met back in 2016.

Judy and pastor Muriithi met at an entertainment joint where the Pastor was having drinks. Their problems began when Pastor Muriithi refused to acknowledge their newborn baby.

She got pregnant after removing her birth control implant due to a cyst she had on the left side of her reproductive system. The pregnancy was unexpected although they had planned to have a baby at a later time, which is doubtful as the pastor was a public figure and it would have destroyed his public image.

Anyway, after she had removed her birth control, she did not realize when the pregnancy happenned until after she went for checkup to get on another birth control.

Around this time they had issues in their relationship which would turn extremely violent on Pastor Muriithi’s side, especially after getting drunk.She continued and said Pastor Muriithi is a flirt and does not like to be corrected. He would flirt with other women in front of Judy, and blame her for it in the form of “she provoked him”,  and later beat her for it.

During her pregnancy is when Pastor Muriithi brought her a Freemason book in the attempt to recruit her into the cult. This was after he had tried to recruit another guy, who also bailed. She burnt the book.

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