How Carrefour Self-Checkout Works

Shoppers in Kenya can now experience faster and more convenient checkout options at select Carrefour stores thanks to the introduction of self-checkout services.

This rollout marks a significant step towards modernizing the shopping experience and catering to customer preferences for quicker transactions.

Carrefour currently offers self-checkout services at its Westgate Shopping Mall and Village Market stores in Nairobi.

The system allows customers to scan their own items, make cashless payments, and complete their purchase independently.

Users simply need to click “Start,” scan their items, and tap “Finish & Pay” after choosing their preferred payment method.

Initially, the self-checkout service was limited to purchases with fewer than 15 items. However, the success of the pilot program last year allowed its expansion to accommodate larger baskets and potentially other Carrefour stores across the country.

This move aligns with Carrefour’s global commitment to adopting innovative technologies that enhance customer experience.

Self-checkout services offer several advantages, including:

Reduced waiting times: Shoppers can avoid queues, especially during peak hours, leading to faster and more convenient checkout.

Cashless payment options: The service caters to the growing preference for cashless transactions, offering options like Mpesa, debit/credit cards, and loyalty points.

Increased efficiency: Self-checkout frees up cashiers to assist customers with larger purchases or those requiring special assistance.

Carrefour currently operates 22 stores across Kenya, including 17 in Nairobi, two in Kisumu, and three in Mombasa.


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