How I made my first million: Kate Actress

Media personality Catherine Kamau, popularly known as Kate Actress, has revealed that her life changed when she recited a poem during Mwai Kibaki’s presidency farewell .

The former Mother-In-Law actress,who is now 34 years old said that one of the lines in the poem where she mentioned she would have liked to kiss the former president, saw her trend for days on social media platforms which boosted her brand.

In an interview with the former Citizen TV news anchor TerryAnne Chebet on her YouTube channel, she revealed saying;
“I was in Mother-In-Law and I remember I got this opportunity. I do poems, I do not write them, but I can recite them very well. So I got an opportunity to recite a farewell poem to Kibaki when he was leaving the presidency . And there was a line saying, “I would like to kiss Kibaki” and I trended for a whole week,” she said.

Kate Actress and TerryAnne Chebet

According to the ‘Plan B’ actress, that one line gave her popularity online and more people came to know of her. A week later, she got a call from Harpic, who asked her to come in for an audition to be their brand ambassador.

Harpic brand

“We were so many of us but when they saw me and that whole hullabaloo that was happening around me and of course I killed the audition, I was called in and told the roles of a brand ambassador.”

She was later asked how much she would have liked to be paid, and she said she wanted KSh 1million. “After that I was expecting them to say something but they started discussing and then said, “Catherine, we have our standards here and that would be underpaying you.”

She used that money to buy her very first car, a Mercedes Benz, because she was dating someone who used to drive one and would not allow her to drive a Toyota. She then sent her mother some cash, and spoilt her son then used the rest of the cash to go out and party.

What would you do with your first million?

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