Huna nguvu za kiume: KRG’s ex-wife claps back

Days ago KRG was in an interview where he did not spare time throwing shade at his ex-wife Lin.

KRG talked about how she used to hang out with men below his league terming them as ‘Chokoraas.’

He said he was at a point in his marriage where he had money and was at a higher level which made it difficult for him to relate with Lin.

He went on to add that he could not tolerate Lin’s thinking at his new level in life.

Lin did not let all the allegations pass by as she woke up and chose ‘vayolens.’

She took to her insta stories and uploaded a cryptical  post that said;

Unatafuta dem atalea watoto vizuri, kiasi  kiasi kumbe hauna nguvu za kiume😂😂😂

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