Sam Ogina threatens to expose Erick Omondi’s nudes over defamatory allegations

Journalist Sam Ogina has not taken lightly Erick Omondi’s allegations that he(Sam), used to date Jacque Maribe during the time she conceived a child with Erick.

Sam has taken to his twitter account to clear the allegations by saying that he never dated Jacque in 2012 but was instead in a relationship with his now wife Njeri.

He further went on to shut Erick by claiming that Erick had for a long time wanted to date Njeri and that is why he is coming for him.

He added that Erick has never gotten over the fact that Njeri chose him(Sam) over Erick.

Sam Ogina finished by telling Erick to take down his defamatory post before he exposes the nudes he used to send to Njeri back in those days.



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