Tiny mistake exposes Samidoh for going on US tour with Karen Nyamu

Musician Samidoh has caused social unrest again with the latest revelation.

A source has revealed to blogger Edgar Obare that Samidoh and Karen Nyamu will be going together on his US tour.

Samidoh is scheduled to visit and perform in 12 US states.

At first Karen Nyamu uploaded a photo in a plane with two glasses.

She then later deleted the photo and cropped it to show just one glass.

The first glass had wine but Karen already said she is pregnant so the glass could not be her’s.

Pregnant women do not take any form of alcohol.

The second glass had mango juice which is what she left in the photo after cropping the wine out.

Karen later showed tickets of her and Samidoh after being attacked by a fan on the situation.

Mind you Samidoh was recently sharing a cake in his mouth with his wife during his birthday.

It has also been revealed that Samidoh’s wife dropped him at the airport while Karen Nyamu was waiting for him in the plane.

Romour has it that they are now co-wives.


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