Is Otile Brown the only kenyan artist who doesn’t chase clout?

Kenyan artists are known to like chasing clout for their content to be a fan favoirite. Some have in the past put out stories which are not true so as to gain attention. The attention gets people talking so that when they release their art, fans would have their interest already snatched and rush to view their content which adds value to their artistry especially in staying relevant.

This has been happening regularly that Kenyans have now started getting used to it, that even when the story is real people find it hard to believe and still think it is a big lie. The likes of Willy Paul who in order to promote his recent song with size 8 put out a fake story and Nadia mukami who lied to her fans that she was dating a Hindi guy by posting a picture declaring her love for him on social media.

She kept fans in the dark as some even congratulated her wishing her all the best in life, only for her to release a song with the guy as the vixen.It was later found out to be “kiki”, as Kenyans call it.

One user recently wrote on twitter suggesting that Otile brown is the only kenyan artist who doesn’t chase clout while releasing a song, “in the past two months Otile Brown has released 4 songs garnering over 10M views on YouTube. No kiki and clout just vibes and good music”the user with the name @ShankiAustine wrote.

While Kenyans had different opinions about this, many of them agreed to this. Kenyans were attesting to the fact that his music is good and one would want to listen to it .

The fake stories may make artists authentic and stay in the game for only a long time but some artists choose not to clout chase and just do their thing.

Do you think its true Otile brown does not chase clout?

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