Kibe criticizes men for spending time with their families

Kibe criticizes men for spending time with their families.

The controversial former radio host Kibe has once again caught the attention of his followers and not in a good way. In a video posted on his IG tv, Kibe starts by criticizing influencer X-tian Dela over his maternity shoot with his girlfriend. Kibe further shows disgust over the fact that X-tian Dela went on a maternity shoot with his girlfriend.

He did not stop his rant and went as far as saying that X-tian Dela’s girlfriend is keeping him from putting out content and that he should keep her to himself. Kibe clearly woke up on the bad side of the bed as the social media influencer’s name was not the only one he mentioned. He went on to criticize the likes of Pascal Tokodi, Nameless, Njugush, and several other media personalities including radio hosts.

X-tian Dela and his girlfriend announced they were expecting a bundle of joy days ago with an African-themed maternity shoot but clearly their beautiful photos knocked on Kibe’s door the wrong way. A follower questioned why such photos should be a bother to anyone especially a harsh critic when it is supposed to be a moment of joy for the first-time expectant couple.

One would wonder what the cause of such a rant would be and why take it to the streets of social media? Well , according to an observer, for one no one knows any constant woman in Kibe’s life as he has no wife or kids.

Which makes sense as to why he would not understand the importance of family and having a close and trusted bond. Another observer pointed out that he could be on a jealous rant as the influencers and social media personalities he mentioned have been making more money than him since he lost his radio job.

The observer went on to add that the loss of his job could have made him idle to the point of criticizing other people to make money off of their names. Well, only Kibe knows.


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