Jalang’o shows off the mansion he is building in ‘ushagoo’

Celebrated comedian Jalang’o has had his ups and downs but it is safe to say he has also tasted his fair share of entertainment money. The renowned comedian has been in the entertainment industry for more than 15 years and has amassed a lot of wealth with time.

Jalang’o, at the moment is at his home town in Siaya county where he is currently building a luxurious mansion. He took to his Instagram stories to flaunt the new house that is evidently getting the finest touches. In the video he takes a tour of the house which is at its finishing stages showing the progress.

He also showed his audience another house that he had built at his hometown saying it was the first house that he had built for himself.

The comedian has been caught up in several scandals in the past which was witnessed by social media. Jalang’o’s ‘boys club’ was his most controversial scandal that raised a huge debate all across Kenya.

The group included his friends with whom they could plan their ‘Fisi’ ways. Anyway, congratulations to Jalang’o for his new house.

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