Jimmy Wanjigi Surrenders

Jimmy Wanjigi Surrenders To The Police

Jimmy Wanjigi has been detained after surrendering to police officials stationed outside his Kwacha Group headquarters.

Wanjigi exited from his workplace after being locked inside for almost 18 hours, according to police accounts.

A group of approximately 20 armed police officers led the businessman to Kamukunji Police Station, where he is presently being detained.

Officers were shown on camera breaking into the offices through the main door prior to his detention. This occurred when the businessman refused to surrender to police who had set up camp at the headquarters overnight.

The businessman told reporters in the early morning hours of Tuesday, January 18 that he had directed his attorneys to handle the situation and that police wanted him to record a statement at the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) headquarters.

Wanjigi was sought in connection with a dispute over the acquisition of the asset on which his firm is located. The site is located in Westlands, Nairobi, along the high-value General Mathenge Lane.

Despite the fact that a warrant for his arrest had been issued, Wanjigi obtained orders prohibiting the police from detaining him through his attorneys.

Wanjigi claimed after his detention that his arrest was a witch hunt and that it had nothing to do with the land matter in which he was embroiled.

He accused the police of ignoring a court order barring his arrest even as he displayed it to the media.

This is persecution and it began very many years ago, all the way back to 2014 when the Jubilee government got to power, he stated.

Supporters of the businessman turned politician had earlier battled with police after camping outside his offices, demanding that the policemen leave. To disperse the supporters, the authorities resorted to use tear gas.

Wanjigi’s father was also refused access to the premises, with armed cops stationed at the entrances.

In a previous interview, the tycoon accused Raila Odinga, the leader of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM), of betraying him. He said that he was being wrongfully prosecuted by the state, citing a similar situation that occurred in the aftermath of the 2017 General Election.

Let them just come out and say it. Uhuru Kenyatta just come out and say it. And to imagine that my friend Raila… Raila Amolo Odinga whom I was almost lost my life for, is sitting with him (Uhuru) somewhere probably enjoying this spectacle is the saddest thing of all, Wanjigi stated then.


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