MP Peter Salasya promises to build Stevo Simple Boy a new home in Oyugis

MP Peter Salasya promises to build Stevo Simple Boy a new home in Oyugis.

MP Peter Salasya has promised to help rapper Stevo Simple Boy with a new home.

The MP met up with Stevo after word got out that he is struggling financially and has not been making a living from his music.

Peter Salasya shared that he knows how hard it is to start from the ground and for that reason he will help Stevo move into a new house.

The MP asked him to look for a house of his choice starting tomorrow and he will help him move and and pay rent for the first three months.

He also promised to buy the rapper new furniture and everything that will help transform the new house to a home.

“On Monday you will have a new home. I will help you move and pay for the first three months to help you stabilise. I will also get you new furniture for the new house.” he said

He also promised to build Stevo a house in his village, Oyugis if those who promised the rapper to build him a house, won’t fulfill their promise in 15 days.

According to the MP, Stevo is a talented artist who has faced challenges and exploitation from people around him.

He asked Stevo to be independent and to look for his own shows without depending on others.

He also called out bloggers and content creators who have been using Stevo for clout, without stretching a helping hand.

“Thanks to all who helped me with contacts to reach #StevoSimpleBoy his frustrations touched my heart and many people have visited him including Eric Omondi with empty promises to help him only to trend with him.He is genuine and open ,I liked his transparency . I will relocate him on Monday to a new house and buy him house items to start a new life . I have advised him to do away with fake managers and be his own manager the way I was everything to myself as the chief campaigner ,controller of budget ,transport manager etc . Having the right people around you is very key than having many useless people around .Our meeting with him at #Serena this evening have been fruitful.” He said.


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