Karen Nyamu shames Samidoh after he denies travelling with her

Karen Nyamu and Samidoh have never really been apart from what she says.

The only problem is that Samidoh keeps denying his relationship with Karen.

Just yesterday the two were confirmed to have travelled together.

It was all over the blogs but Samidoh in a video says he saw the news after landing in the US despite making a connection flight through Dubai.

In the video he says he travelled alone, with his crew to the US.

This has sparked rage in Karen as Samidoh is denying her, despite knowing the truth that they travelled together.

Karen has taken to her Insta stories to rant on the situation.

She says she feels ashamed every time she has to explain to people the truth.

She added that her love for Samidoh is public and everyone knows they are together.

She also says Samidoh should just admit that they travelled together to Dubai, before he took the connection flight to the US.


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