Kenyans react to Amber Ray and Brown Mauzo hosting a show together

Kenyans react to Amber Ray and Brown Mauzo hosting a show together.

Fans on social media have had mixed reactions after Brown Mauzo and Amber Ray shared a poster revealing that they will be hosting a party together later this month.

Kenyans decided to air their thoughts with some expressing shock seeing the two working together days after Brown Mauzo announced breakup with wife Vera Sidika.

The Beef between Socialite Vera Sidika and Amber Ray has been going on for a while now.

The beef was allegedly fuelled by Vera dating Brown Mauzo who was romantically involved with Amber a few years back.

In an interview Vera said her husband Brown Mauzo never dated Amber Ray and their relationship was purely business.

Last year Amber brought back her beef with her by saying she finds her fake with a not so pure heart.

The beef escalated this year after Vera called out Amber, claiming she copied her gender reveal idea.

Vera Sidika said that Amber intentionally got all the details about her reveal from Real housewives of Nairobi with the aim of making it look like Vera copied her.

Vera’s wish was that the hatred Amber had for her finally ends so they can continue with their lives.

Recently, Amber revealed that Vera is fake.

Amber Ray claimed that a while back her best friend was really there for Vera Sidika and helped her so much but when she passed away, Vera was not present to mourn her, neither did she contribute anything to aid with the funeral.


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