Musician Karangu Muraya Raises Over Ksh 1 Million To Help Miracle Baby’s Hospital Bill

Musician Karangu Muraya Raises Over Ksh 1 Million To Help Miracle Baby’s Hospital Bill.


Renowned Kikuyu musician, Karangu Muraya, shared that he successfully organized his followers yesterday to gather Ksh 1 million in support of the unwell Gengetone and Mugithi singer, Peter Miracle Baby. Gengetone Artist Miracle Baby Appeals For Help


“Last night was a great moment for our brother Peter Miracle Baby who have been admitted in a hospital in kiambu…As per yesterday, his bill was over one million and by the grace of God, we were able to clear it all…. May Jehovah bless you all for supporting him and may our brother receive total recovery 🙏 You can continue to support him through his wife number (+254794790255 Carol Mbuthia).”


Karangu paid a visit to Miracle Baby and his wife, Carol Katrue, at the ward where the former TV host is currently admitted.


Following his customary approach, Karangu took to social media to extend an invitation to his followers, urging them to contribute towards settling Miracle Baby’s medical bill during a live session.


At that point, Karangu disclosed that the accumulated bill had reached Ksh1,020,000 over the duration of Peter’s hospitalization.


On Thursday, January 24, the well-known musician and content creator confirmed the success of the fundraiser, announcing that they had successfully cleared Peter’s medical expenses.


Miracle Baby had been rushed to the hospital after experiencing a rupture in his intestines as part of his ongoing battle with a gastrointestinal condition.


In a statement, Peter’s wife confirmed that he underwent surgery following the rupture, leaving him bedridden and requiring the use of a pipe for excretion.


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