Omosh falls for prank to sell the house he was gifted for Ksh 15M

Former Tahidi High actor Omosh almost gave in to antics by comics who sought to buy his newly built house.The actor was being cornered by Komic Gang pranksters.Posing as potential buyers, the pranksters made an arrangement for a meeting with Omosh, which he showed up without fail,they then tried convincing him to sell the house.

At first he was adamant but after a little nagging by the “buyers”, the one-time thespian was ready to exchange the house with the money. He demanded KSh 17 million at first but they found it too pricey. He spoke highly of the house to attract the “buyers” during negotiation, stating that he was at liberty to sell.

Omosh’s house was built for him by Homes by Sung in conjunction with other well-wishers. After negotiating, they settled on KSh 15 million, which was to be deposited to Omosh’s account immediately after the formalities were finalised. When it dawned on him that it had all been a game, with the cast from Komic Gang being behind it he was suprised.

The house was agreed on not to be sold when it was handed to him two months ago. Omosh promised to take good care of it and that he would never sell it. He had to clear the air following concerns from many Kenyans who believed he would sell the house to finance his alcoholic lifestyle.

Omosh was also echoing advice from most of the sponsors who saw the completion of his new house and warned him against selling it. To drive the point home, organisers of the handing over ceremony even had a dummy signpost written; ‘This property is not for sale’.

“I was joking when I asked for help from Kenyans the second time. This poster reads this property is not for sale and for that reason I will never sell it. There are plots around my property that are up for sale, people can buy those but will never be selling mine,” Omosh confirmed.

His declaration was received by ululations from his neighbours and everyone present during the handing over ceremony. Well, such a shame.

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