Registration of a Business Name in Kenya

Registration of a Business Name in Kenya.

The registration of a business name is done after a successful business name search. 


For you to register a business name in Kenya, you must meet the following requirements;

  • Perform a name search with the Registrar of Companies and wait for the suggested identity to be approved.
  • Describe the proposed entity’s nature and activities.
  • Provide all of the proprietors’ complete names.
  • Indicate the proprietors’ correct postal addresses.
  • Fill in the suggested entity’s physical address, including the office number, floor, exact location, town, and county.
  • Provide the proprietors’ national ID or passport number.
  • Provide passport photos of the proprietors.’
  • Upload a duly signed Business name registration form containing statement of particulars, signed by all proprietors.
  • Choose your preferred payment method and pay Ksh. 950 for company registration.
  • Wait for confirmation from the Registar.
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