Samidoh calls Karen Nyamu on stage

Samidoh calls Karen Nyamu on stage.

Mugithi singer Samidoh and nominated senator Karen Nyamu lately seem to be enjoying their love.

Their display of affection was witnessed when Samidoh called the senator on stage while performing for his fans in Australia during his recent tour.

Karen nyamu, who was dressed in a short, body-hugging black dress with red trainers, joined samidoh on stage and sang one of his hit songs.

Karen danced while showcasing her dance talents while the audience applauded enthusiastically.

This is a turn of event from last year, as her attempt to join Samidoh on stage as he performed in Dubai did not go well.

Karen flew all the way to Dubai to attend her lover’s show but only ended up embarrassing herself in front of Samidoh’s fans.

Karen Nyamu went up to the stage and began dancing but Samidoh was seen calling bouncers on her since she was not allowed to be there.

Fans have expressed their mixed reactions towards Karen’s misconduct with a whole lot feeling disappointed by her.

Things however seem to have taken a different turn since Edday Nderitu relocated to the USA and declared that she left her husband to those who needed him more, since she did not want to raise her children in a polygamous family.


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