Tanasha Donna’s YouTube account gets hacked

On august 18th, people woke up to the news that Tanasha Donna’s YouTube channel was no longer available. Searching for her songs could not give any results and the message that popped up said, ” This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been closed. “

The message got Tanasha’s fans wonderng what could have transpired, or whether it was the musician who had deleted her own account.

Tanasha’s fans flocked her instagram comment section asking what had happened to her account on YouTube, after the musician continued posting on her insta stories without any explanation.

She later revealed on her insta stories that someone had been trying to hack her account hence the reason youtube suspended the account. She also assured fans that she was working on regaining her account as soon as possible.

The mother of one who has just landed a job as an ambassador has been releasing hit songs in the past like “Gere, ” her collabo with Diamond Platinumz, which has accrued a lot of views on youtube. She has also gained a lot of subscribers on her channel, which has made her among the top subscribed female artists in Kenya.

It would be such a big loss if she were to lose her channel. Everybody knows how hard it is to get views on YouTube, not forgetting that it takes people a very long time to get subscribers .

It has now been more than 24 hours but her youtube channel is still not back on and Tanasha hasn’t said a word yet about what has really happened to her YouTube account.

As we wait we hope she’s working towards restoring her account soon so that her work of art will be available for people to stream.

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