Is this the end of Gengetone? Can it be revived?

Is this the end of Gengetone? Can it be revived?

About four years ago, Gengetone music was the “it” music in Kenya. The genre of music was being played everywhere to a point where all listeners had mastered at least part of the lyrics. Kenyans had become major fans of the music and people loved it. It was the type of music that was fully accepted and was referred to as ‘our own.’

Many musicians had started switching to Gengetone music as it was widely appreciated which in the music business means more money. People would go on YouTube to watch and listen to music groups, the likes of ‘Sailors Gang and Ethic, ‘ which were one of the few groups that had made a name for themselves in the genre.

Countries around East Africa had also been drawn to the music which was a plus for the artists. All of a sudden the music started dying slowly as time went by. Gospel musician turned secular artist Willy Paul, on Tuesday wrote on his Instagram story “R.I.P to Gengetone music.”

No one is sure whether it was kiki, as in no time you could hear of an upcoming collaboration with a Gengetone artist. Kenyan artists have gained a reputation to use anything to stay relevant so that their songs can get more views. This is why the statement created different reactions on social media.

In the past Willy Paul has released music which if classified would fall under the Gengetone genre. If this kiki turns out to be a collabo, it won’t be the first time Willy Paul has collaborated with Gengetone musicians.

As much as some people thought it was true, some blasted him by saying, instead of rejoicing over the fact that it is no longer there, he should try and look for the Gengetone artists and help them release hit song, as Gengetone was one genre of music Kenyans accepted to be their own. Some acts like Mejja have kept shining after the release of their music and people love it .

He later on uploaded a question to his Instagram stories asking Kenyans why they felt bad with what he had said, adding that Kenyans knew that what he had said was true.

Well, it’s Kenya after all ,we can’t do or say anything but watch .


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