Tiktoker Frank defends his second marriage

Tiktoker Frank defends his second marriage.

Belgium Tiktoker Frank has revealed that he travelled to Belgium to be with his second wife.

Sharing on his social media platform, Frank said he had been in Kenya for the past nine months with his Kenyan wife Murugi and in the process he has missed his other wife and children.

He said his second wife, Rahma and his children in Belgium always feel left out when they see him sharing good moments with Murugi and are always watching from the sidelines.

“I made this video to make some things clear… I traveled from Kenya, and I’m now back in Belgium. While I’m back in Belgium, I want to spend some time with my wife, Rahma. I have been in Kenya since November 30, 2022., I spent all my time with Murugi. You think Rahma likes that? Do you think my kids like that? I’m always in Kenya. That’s the reason. Now I’m here. And I will stay here in Belgium for sure, for three months to spend with Rahma, to spend with my kids. They always see me in [Instagram] stories. Together with Murugi, we are having fun, and they are just on the side.” he said.

The TikTok then said his Kenyan wife Murugi has no reason to complain since he has given her a good life, a nice house, a car and she has everything she has always wanted

“I give her everything, a nice house, a nice car. She has everything. She has no reason to complain. The ones who have reasons to complain are Rahma and my kids.” he added.

Frank revealed that he decided to travel to Belgium because he needs to be a responsible father to his kids and also a responsible husband to his other wife.

The Tik Toker recently introduced Rahma as his second wife after denying their involment earlier.

He disclosed that they have been together for 10 months but he still loves Murugi as his first wife.


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