Youth leader Ruth Ambogo walks out of Trevor Ombija’s Live show

Senior News Anchor Trevor Ombija was last night left with one less guest on his show after a heated debate.

Ruth Ambogo was invited with two other guests, Steve Biko and Rebeka Moraa, a youth leader of the recently launched strugglers movement.

The youthful politician was enraged with her fellow guests saying they were pinning lies against her.

The trio was invited to discuss matters youth and governance when Ambogo, allied with the hustlers movement was asked to outline the strategies she believed could be used to create jobs.

As she dodged the question she argued that she appeared in her last political interview on Monday 1st and Trevor Ombija’s show was her last as a panelist.

You will not hear from me on matters politics. For a very long time, I have suggested policy changes that have been adopted by the government and no one believes so. These young people seated here are pushing the narrative that I am just but an appointee.

I am not serving any master. I got to that office by merit. For a very long time, I was denied government appointments because I did not have a degree, now am graduating with a First Class Honours in Law from Strathmore University. The group sat down and peddled lies against me.

She then gave a daring statement to which Trevor declined.

The group sat down analysed Cabinet positions and accorded to themselves. All the CAS’s appointed to office are wrongfully holding these positions as most of them are in relationships with senior government officials. If you want me to list them I will.

Trevor then reminded her of his question about the creation of jobs to which she said she would leave.

Trevor; You have not answered my question. This is my show. I ask the questions and you answer

Ruth; Listen to me Ombija, I will finish my statement. I will answer, then leave and never make a statement again, she interjected.

Trevor; You are allowed to leave, Ombija said as the show went on a break.



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