10 Year Old Who Could Retire At 15

10 Year Old Who Could Retire At 15.

What were you doing when you were 10? well for Pixie Curtis, a 10-year-old Australian girl, is the owner of two businesses and might be the youngest person to retire at the age of 15.

Her mother made news in 2021 after celebrating her hard work with a fresh new vehicle.The young woman owns two thriving businesses and may be able to retire at the age of 15. Her toy firm is producing large profits every day, so the young millionaire, who is still in school, may be able to retire early.

With the aid of her mother Roxy Jacenko, she launched Pixie’s Fidgets in 2021, and the toys sold out within a day of their release.In its first month, Pixie’s firm made over KSh 15 million. Her mother founded a hair accessory firm, which the young CEO also runs when she was a small baby and is also doing so well.

She can retire at 15 if she wants to, Jacenko, who also runs a PR company said.

Her second business, Pixie’s Bows, is equally profitable, and Kim and Khloe Kardashian’s children North West and True have been seen wearing their accessories. Pixie’s hard work was rewarded with a brand new Mercedes-Benz GL valued over KSh 30 million by Jacenko her mother, which made headlines.

Pixie and her younger brother Hunter according to Jacenko are driven to school in the car. Her daughter wants a beach house and a Lamborghini Urus when she grows up according to her mother. Jacenko has also launched a company for Hunter Pixie’s younger brother who is seven years old.

The important lesson is to teach her to invest well and not squander her money. As a mother, everything I do is for the children, both Pixie and Hunter, Jacenko said.

The mum juggles between running her PR firm and working for her children’s companies for them to be successfull and also to secure their future.


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