‘Adhiambo’ video vixen takes singer Bahati to court

‘Adhiambo’ video vixen takes singer Bahati to court

Brenda Otieno, a video vixen who was featured in ‘ Adhiambo’ by Bahati and Prince Indah, has decided to take legal action against musician Bahati. H

She had earlier threatened to sue Bahati for failing to pay her despite featuring in ‘Adhiambo’ Video, over one year ago.

Brenda Otieno claimed that Bahati was paying the vixens Ksh 10,000 but she refused the amount since she deserved more.

She then shared a demand letter from her lawyer, which is addressed to singer Bahati.

He is required to pay the video vixen 20% of the total income received from the video as compensation to her.

Alternatively, Brenda demands that any images of her in the video be removed, disassociating her completely from the song also.

According to the demand letter, the song ‘, ‘Adhiambo’ has continued to garner views on YouTube while the vixen remains uncompensated for her appearance.

Failure by Bahati to comply to the letter within 7 days will prompt the lawyers to institute legal proceedings in a court of law in Kenya.


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