Overview of the Kenyan Electric Mobility Industry

The Kenyan electric mobility space is still under development, with a focus on electric buses, motorcycles and a few companies exploring electric bikes.

It is worth noting that the sector is rapidly evolving. New companies are emerging regularly, and existing companies are expanding their offerings.

Here’s a list of some key players:

Electric Buses

BasiGo: This company assembles and operates electric buses in Kenya. They have partnered with various organizations to provide electric bus transportation solutions in Nairobi.

BasiGo has deployed nearly 20 electric buses across various routes in Nairobi, with plans to expand to 1,000 buses by 2026.

Roam: This company is developing and deploying electric vehicle in Kenya under the categories:

Roam Rapid: This is a fully electric mass transit bus designed for reliability and accessibility in large-scale public transportation systems. It offers a spacious interior, long range on a single charge, and fast charging capabilities.

Roam Air: This is their next-generation electric motorcycle, known for being 60% cheaper to run than traditional gasoline motorcycles. It also boasts features like easy charging, low maintenance, and a sustainable design.

Electric Motorcycles

Several companies are involved in the Kenyan electric motorcycle space, including:

Arc Motors, E-Moto Africa, Opibus Kenya, AMPSHA Innovation, Niine Motors.

These companies offer various electric motorcycle models for purchase or lease, catering to individuals, businesses, and delivery services.

Electric bicycle 

The electric bicycle landscape in Kenya is still emerging, but some companies are offering electric bicycles for sale, including:Pedelecs Kenya, Metro Electric and E-Bike Kenya.


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