Amber Ray defends herself against critics

Amber Ray defends herself against critics.

Socialite Amber Ray has revealed why she drinks alcohol despite having a two month old daughter.

Speaking to the media, she said she was excited to breastfeed her newborn daughter but her breastmilk supply failed her.

“I am not breast feeding, maziwa ilikataa kabisa but I was really looking forward to it.” she said.

The mother of two shared that she talked to the doctor who told her there’s nothing else she could do since she had tried everything to increase her breastmilk production in vain.

Since her baby is not Breastfeeding, Amber said she has no other reason to stop drinking and she is living her life like she used to.

Amber has denied claims that she refused to breastfeed her baby so that she can maintain her snatched figure.

The Socialite said her figure has always been there and she cannot go to the extreme of denying her baby milk inorder to maintain it.


Amber and Rapudo welcomed their daughter Africanah Rapudo in May.


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